• Is that he and you having some kiwi? Boy you just cant know what to expect people will look like when you finally see them. I tell ya! XD (((LOL What kind of birds are those?? ....They have no wings or arm appendages at all!!! They're tribbles! Yikes!!
    • Linda Joy
      They're kiwi! That's the joke!
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Aaaargh!! They're kiwi eating kiwi!!!!!!!! *oh noes* ...I've never heard of a Kiwi bird! (Perhaps because they haven't been able to fly here. *wink*) It's probably best though... because we'd eat them. Kiwi-fed kiwi? Oh yea! Chinese food!
  • 5-19-2017 I just want to point out that you can't tell which way the train went by looking at the tracks.
  • How to prepare a kiwi

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