• Is this another sexual question? I thought I already answered that! *harumph*
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      *blink blink* I prefer a mushroom pizza...or mushroom, green pepper and sausage, for a combo. Pepperoni is kind of ..."what everyone likes" and I am naturally opposed to joining in with 'group think', so i have to eat pepperoni secretly if ever at all,because if it was a car,it would be a Camaro (the one everyone has) and thats tiring, and I need to be an individual. So I will have my pizza with owl meat please. or dandelions, owl meat and rattlenskae hearts.
    • Linda Joy
      ( Linda hangs her head in shame) yes. I just wanted more juicy details. *blink* *blink* runs away
    • Linda Joy
      You just disrupted the flow of our conversation by jumping in like that
    • Linda Joy
      I wasn't even talking about pizza this time. I'm just sitting here eating pepperonis let me clarify before anybody gets any visuals here I was eating pepperoni slices.
  • Yes, but salami is better, especially if it's prosciutto salami ... mmmmm [ goes to fridge in search of prosciutto salami ]
    • Linda Joy
      Got any cheese?
  • Yes, I love it!
  • I prefer a peach.....wink wink!
  • I like pepperoni but a nice to have a Canadian bacon with pineapple pizza sounds so good. Usually called a Hawaiian pizza. And yes I do like to eat pepperonis all by themselves.
  • Lots other meats are better
  • its okay, i dont eat it much
  • On a pizza.
  • eh! I can take it or leave it. I use turkey pepperoni in salads because it's low cal and something kind of filling to go along with the lettuce.
  • Pepperoni is fine, just hold off on any of the tomato crap.

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