• Mocha.
    • Linda Joy
      Does that come sweetened or do you have to ask for it to be sweetened? What do you take in it?
    • Rick Myres
      I make my own at home. Lot less sugar that way too.
    • Linda Joy
      Me too. I use instant coffee . I used to never would have tolerated instant. But I put cocoa stevia and creamer in it.
    • Rick Myres
      Ya know I got a notice this is my 2nd or third. Any I use sometimes instant coffee and sometime brewed with cocoa, powered milk and very little sugar.
    • Rick Myres
      I know that coffee is a favorite drink for me just a mocha is for me too. So I have more than one favorite. I other words what I am in the mood for. lol
  • Coffee, water, beer, wine that's about all I usually drink.
  • My usual drink is water. My favorite drink is a hot coffee with my family.
  • Diet Coke.
  • Water, then tea hot or iced, next is palo azual.
  • Tea, black,green,red or white, and herbal teas too. Coffee as a novelty(it has too strong an affect) or Cappuccino. A beer after hard physical work, a glass of dark red wine with a meal on occasion.
  • (cool)Tea in a Gatorade bottle
  • coffee or tea
  • Orange juice is my favorite

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