• Only as an adult and only behind my back.
    • Linda Joy
      Why? What was that about?
    • Percussion
      Her constant need for attention, any way she can get it.
  • Only when little my older sisters didn't want to give me a bath. One would air dry me with the towel. another was so thorough digging her pinky into my ear with a washrag (not really torment but very irritating) I would always ask for a different sister no matter who's chore it was to bathe their little bro.
    • Linda Joy
      Did you tell her it hurt? My sisters also helped raise me. How many sibs in your family? Do you have brothers as well? I haven't seen your mention any. I have 6 older sisters and one much younger brother.
    • Roaring
      Yes, she said it was necessary to be thorough. I have 5 sisters(one younger) and had 2 brothers, one died at 4 before I was born, and older brother by 9 years, who died of cancer(or from its treatment). Wow 6 sisters! How did they treat their baby sister?
  • No, I'm an only child, but generally speaking siblings round here do not torment each other.
  • No, my brothers are my best friends. Aside from a few early childhood fights we have always gotten along.
  • no but most of my siblings ignore me as an adult, not sure why
    • Linda Joy
      I think it's natural to grow apart somewhat as you get your own families and professions. I'm not very close with my siblings either.
  • no, i got lucky that way but now as an adult they just ignore me
  • Yes, my older sister would sit on my stomach with her knees holding down my arms and she would poke her fingers at my chest, why I am an emotional wreck today I believe... (it was suppose to be tickling, but it was torment)
  • That same sister tried drowning me, she would sit on my shoulders and hold me down , I would fight to get the next breath of air before she did it agin,, to this day I do not know how I survived, but by the grace of God.
  • not really but nny brothers never call nne unless its nny birthday, it stinks
  • Yeah, but fortunately he got a protective order against me. :P

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