• Which generation said this, the do nothing X'ers who thought forcing PC idiocy on the country was a good contribution for a generation to make as its total contribution to bettering life, or was it the millennials, who think making sure a girl can act like a whore and no one can "shame" her for it is a good contribution? You know, boomers did a lot!! All the generations since us have done NOTHING. and if they say otherwise, they can cram it, and who cares what they say anyway, because these are people who think hip hop and tattoos and republicans are good!!
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Also keep in mind, all generations make up excuses why the previous generation was idiotic and wrong. So you dont have to take their words too personally, its just crap.
    • Roaring
      I don't take it personally. I was fascinated by it. He was 27years old. I like differing views and what makes someone tick.
  • You ever see that old movie Logan's Run? I think the world would be in a sadder state if we killed people of a certain age.
    • Roaring
      Great Movie, Yes. It seems like being human is sometimes finding a scapegoat and blaming them. It's never accurate to do this whether politically, socially,religiously. economically etc. Life is but a mirror, so whose "but" am I looking at? Truth is we are all in this together.
  • Which tax bracket is he in?

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