• REPOSTED BECAUSE AB ERASED ORIGINAL ANSWER:.................................This reminds me of a Bibleman video where the villan, who was called the Master of Depression, sang a song about this question called Nothing Makes Me Happy. In a different video the same villan said, "Stress - makes - me - HAPPY!"..........For years after that I'd say the stress makes me happy line. I really do excell under pressure but the stress does NOT truely make me happy. I just enjoy the accomplishment of doing the impossible.
    • Linda Joy
      This reminds me of a few (local) record breaking accomplishments of which I've been a part. And other 'Miller time' moments like when you finally work all the bugs out of your computer program and it runs without errors, or when the special needs child you've been trying to explain something to for 30 minutes says "oh NOW I get it' and their face lights up!
    • Anoname
      Yea, that's what I mean.
  • A hugs from Captain Meow makes anything bad go away. And then we watch more television and get fatter and more tired together, and don't have to care, because that's what we got. I used to drink. But I cant do that any more. Recently, a friend left some weed here, but I never touch it. (Well, on South Park we learned that if you touch it, that's when your future self will show up and move in, and you'll have to play with yourself.... *gets idea* wait.. *comes back 3 minutes later* What? I was getting out a South park DVD to watch? What did you think I was doing? *blink* *blink blink blink blink*
    • Linda Joy
      That's kinda like getting hugs from the kindergartners!
  • Helping another in need
    • Linda Joy
      It feels good doesn't it?
    • Roaring
      Reminds me that I am a part of a greater life that needs love and attention as well.
    • Linda Joy
      so true!
  • I like to crochet things and give them away, and feed people, though I haven't done that lately. But my girls know if they need a place to crash for a day or two or just need to talk i'll listen, and help any way I can. None of them have good relationships with their biological or adoptive moms. And they're all three mentally ill and two won't take the meds they need. Bless their hearts! It will be interesting to see what they're like after they are healed in the resurrection. Mom too.
  • The laughter of children playing together
    • Linda Joy
      Do you have children? There is no sound I love more than to hear someone I love laughing.
  • seeing a baby, theyre so cute
  • A Beer
    • Archie Bunker
      And a blowjob
  • seeing a baby, theyre so cute
  • Having sunflower seeds to break open
  • trolling the internet :P
  • seeing a baby, theyre so cute, also, getting ssi after yrs of trying, i love that
    • Archie Bunker
      After years of trying? How about a job instead?
    • pearllederman
      dont need your sarcasnn, its bad enough people wont hire nne, they discrinninate cause inn short, since i have other issues where i qualify for it i decided to go for it, i need inconne, since people are too selfish to hire nne

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