• You need to add your personal touches to make any house a home. You could do so by adding pictures, lights, decorative items and paintings. You could make your sofa look warm and cozy with a blanket or a throw over it. Have pots and plants to add the green effect to the house.
  • Your name is "Wooledge Newton"> Oh. Okay hang a lot of "poor people are stupid" posters, and signs that say "HA HA poor people, we got your money! HA!" .....Also a chart that shows the proper way to talk without moving your teeth. And a snooty list of things that are only good enough for you. OH! ....Wanna buy a tire?
  • Robertson James hit the highlights but I would go with personal family photos, swap out the blanket for a hand crocheted Afghan and rugs to match. The baskets hanging part could be crocheted to match as well. I'd add a pair of slippers and if you're so inclined, a dog and kids.

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