• You're a wonderful human being, and quite correct, I am an idiot, and you have every right to suggest so.
    • Bootsiebaby
      That was uncalled for.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      *sigh* I gave a considered answer to her question, below..
  • After they have a girlfriend? I thought you were going to say after you've had three or four drinks.
    • Bootsiebaby
  • Isn't it obvious? They make an effort to look more cute because their girlfriends want them to.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      You may be right, but I think over-simplified... It's just something biological in women that paired men seem more interesting. And it makes sense. Single men are more likely to behave like boys still, and - to a woman's judgement - they are untrained (oh yea,like a dog that still needs to be house-broken) (Don't deny it, the first thing you all do is make up ridiculous excuses about how if he doesn't put the toilet seat down - though it has nothing to do with him! - you'll actually fall in the water at 3 AM and it will be all his fault! (Please!!) And this is just thing one, you people make lists! Oh yes you do! And you read magazines with instructions you share with each other, about your findings on man-training. Mr Pants has seen it! *blink* But, we were unpaired guy is a mere, and untrained, boy (to women).. While men who have paired off are displaying (though not intentionally I assure you) that they can be harnessed like a pack mule (or wild stallion, depends what time of day) lol, that they can give up having a life, to be all about attending to yours! And this is enticing to women, because you all like to imagine you'll be able to change a man if he has a "few rough edges". It's nonsense and you wouldn't want us to make a list of faults you may have and plot to eradicate them by trickery.'s all part of the dance which is mating, so ..I don't take it personally anymore, myself. I did take it badly the day I found out what "specious" means. (telling us to think of soap pads, because you'd like us to mow the lawn. ... HOW is one supposed to MAKE us think of the other? WE DON'T KNOW. We just wish you would state things directly, and save us a lot of exasperation. Oh and don't think of fighting with a guy as something you need to do regularly. Whats that about? Yikes. We don't want that. Thirdly (I'll make it lastly) we are forever crushed that women inspire sex but don't like it (though when I point that out any woman at all will say "Sure we do!" (and then just minutes later make statements that contradict that claim and prove what I said in the first place. You don't have a clue that sex is about body parts and orgasms. Sexually, women remind me of how tone deaf people end up deciding that lyrics are what a song "sounds like"..because that's as much as they can perceive and no more *sad* - so that in the case of women and sex, you commonly conclude (or at least state, honest or not) that sex is "supposed to" be about mood, and closeness....things that are peripheral, and may even have value, but are not IT. It is about body parts and orgasms to a man. If any woman wants to know how to delight a guy and make him want to marry you and never let you go...just show some damn interest in that, and don't let it turn out to be just a trick you pulled, so that after the wedding ceremony, we never get any of that again! (oh, yes you people do that.) It's very disappointing!! Women inspire something men find to be the only reason to bathe, take care of ourselves, or even breathe; and then you call us perverts, and announce that you don't have 'sex', you only "make love" (ick!) * serious lemon face* (men hate that expression, and if you've manged to get one to use that phrase ever, it was only because you've whipped him and inside he hates himself for letting you emasculate him that way, and will probably develop neck warts and a drinking problem over it. *blink* ..Does that answer the question?
  • Because they happier and that is what makes them looking more cute. O .ja and the fact that we all want what we can't have so just because you can't have the guy, you more atracted to him.

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