• Janet Evanovich. Yea, I had a friend who liked her, quite a bit, but I couldn't join in her interest, because those books are written for women's interests.
    • Linda Joy
      Does this mean you have no desire to know what interests women?
  • I read them all twice each, and Hard Eight a few extra times because..... well..... Ranger is Magic!!!!
  • not yet
  • Yes I read all 27 and am waiting for 28 in November. I want to know what the keys open.
  • the early ones probably up to 12 or 13 are really good and funny. after that, Evanovich phones them in. and Stephanie never seems to grow as a person. she's like a cartoon. had to stop wasting my money.
    • Linda Joy
      I read them for free either from the library or online.
  • I'd rather watch re-runs of the Love Boat. Its less effort, less time and more satisfying.😍
  • I did read Four to Score, but that was a good while back. I recently read and watched Fahrenheit 451 (Please see: Haven't read a lot pf pulp recently, though this is of course not to say that Janet Evanovich is pulp, and of course not that there's anything bad with pulp.

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