• Being approached is not always welcomed. I have not had this issue, but I'm thinking if you want to talk to someone just do it! You don't have to wait for them to approach you.
  • Not meaning to shake your faith, but maybe your "beautiful" in your own mind, but not attractive. This does not mean you're psychotic or smell bad to nubile men or anything. Just that some people can give off "vibes" that people do not like or avoid. I would say that if you're happy with friends and socially active, then maybe you just need to buff up the style and charm. If you're a recluse and socially awkward then you need to build some self esteem and get out and get some.
    • bellomiss
      How am I beautiful in my own mind when strangers tell me this-mainly older men and other women.
  • Approach people first. Beauty isn't everything. Do you have an outgoing personality? Do uou give off a vibe of "I'm better",

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