• Interesting character. Bet you are doing more reading lately as I haven't seen fresh Q&A from you. Hope you are happy and well.
    • Linda Joy
      Aww! Thank you! Actually I read the 6 Game of Thrones books since I posted here about finding them online free. and I read hardcore 24 it was new still on the best sellers list.. I've read all the books in the series once, most of them twice some of them more. But what's got me busy right now is a new group on Facebook of friends from the old MSN Q&A that shut down 10 years ago. It's really nice seeing a bunch of old friends again All in one place asking and answering questions again. I'm sure y'all probably felt the same way when this site reopened.
  • no, never read them
  • This is really rated high on amazon LOL ====

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