• How long is your hair?
  • If it goes below the middle of one's back, it's too long. For a woman, UNLESS it goes to the shoulder at least, it's too butch. For a depends on the individual, some can pull long hair off, some look effeminate (Yanni comes to mind)
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      It's problematic too. You see what happened to Ted Nugent? He thought he was just "letting his freak flag fly", but it was actually strands of his brain coming out of his head, and with each haircut, over the years, well...there isn't much left now. (Did you see the pictures of him at the White House recently, with that dirty-looking "Kid Rock", and Sarah Palin -the brain surgeon? (Oops, I meant "sturgeon" yea..her brain is fishy) (at best). But she CAN see Moscow from her porch so..maybe we should elect her president anyway, erm, if Trump ever leaves office, and if he hasn't made us a satellite of the restored Soviet Union by then.) Oh, and for you guys that thought Sarah was "hot", you do realize women sometimes lose their looks as they age? (Except for Linda, who you can be sure is a knockout and improving as she goes). But for Sarah, in 5 years, computer projections find she will actually look like this: ..................... ....... Oop, there's one of you guys feeling her up even now! *covers Captain Meow's eyes*
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      My hair (to answer your question): is a little long now. It never was, even when it would have been conforming to the 70's to wear it long, I always hated how the wind would blow it around so I constantly had to fuss with it. (a man's hair should be utilitarian, IMO). I have grown funny looking with age (hair missing, being one of the issues, but certainly also the loss of my handsome tanned, fully toothed smiling face) (oh it was replaced by something wrinkly, and with an extra chin and eye's scary. (I comb my hair in the dark now, so I don't have to look.) BUT..I wanted to do a little stand up and play a couple songs at open mics, so I bought hats...and hats DO NOT work with short hair (not on me they don't, they look silly..there has to be SOME hair over the ear, and then I become so cool I have to wear shades (which hide even more reality for me). But I still hate long hair, and I'm not enjoying it. I stopped dying it finally now, because with it being half gone, the point is gone. (I started going grey in my late 20's, so I died it since then. But I'm older than that now (Moses may be younger than me), so...
    • Linda Joy
      I think long hair is sexy, but so is bald (well for men) it just means your brain got so big it's pushing your hair out! My girlish good looks have been replaced with patience, kindness, wisdom and tolerance just to name a few. And I wouldn't trade it to have my youth and looks back!
    • Linda Joy
      May God bless you!
    • beaker95
      Have you washed it this time?
    • Linda Joy
      Are you talking to me or mr. Pants?
  • In general; beyond your shoulders. From the base of the neck to about mid back.
  • On a girl anything beyond the shoulders. On a guy anything past the ears.
  • I once saw this couple. A man and a woman. Both had hair to the ground. The mans beard also went down to the ground. The woman had fingernails almost a foot long. Pretty freaky and scary looking couple.
    • beaker95
      Were you looking in a mirror?
  • Passed the shoulders.
  • anything beyond shoulder length like you said
  • the ones that go to their legs
  • Hmm! When smoke no longer bothers you!
    • Linda Joy
  • down to your knees
  • anything beyond shoulder lenght too
  • Long hair according to my stylist can be hair that is beyond shoulder length. I tend to agree with that. My hair is mid-back.
  • yes, that is how I would describe it.

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