• Have you heard of Mr. Whippy in America?
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Aaw...Mr Whippeeeeee! No, America doesnt have Mr Whippy, but I lived in England till I was 12, so the picture of the truck I just saw on google brings back some..warm fuzzies! :D
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      I used to get something multi-colored on a stick...and ya know you just put that in your mouth and suck it, and then take it out for a bit, cuz it's cold, then.. *tugs at collar* Is it getting warm in here? I shoulda' bought a ice cream!!!
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      It was called a "Ray...something" A Ray pop??? No. I gotta look it up...
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Sky Ray!!! It was a freeze pop that looked sort of like a rocket, and in psychedelic colors (well, it was the 60's). Is Walls the same company as Mr Whippy? I seem to remember both. I was in Felixstowe in 1965, and the Walls truck saved us from death, when we got lost walking, and were tired and hungry. (yay). And I remember something about an Apple Club in school? Then we were in London in 1968-69 (Tufnell Park). I remember Apollo orbited the moon while we were there. And there was cool music on the radio. (Obladi Oblada, a Kinks song, Marty & His Slipper Tree! LOL (I never did understand what that was about). But I got my ass kicked and/or mugged four or five times over there LOL (I was only a kid!!! One time these guys (adults!!) stole my ball and knifed it, near uh..vacation area, my uncle had a hotel..Devon. (We were by no means wealthy though. The aunt had money. The uncle had money. My mom had 3 kids and a low paying job. (Good times.). Yea, I wouldn't have expected to be attacked in Devon, and back then. but...everywhere I went, someone wanted to punch me and/or take my farthing (LOL!!)(told you we weren't rich)...Okay I might have had a thrupence on me or a sixpence. One time my uncle gave me a ten bob note. Oh man did I buy some candy with that! (I was 6)(It was great!!) ...too bad we cant post pictures here. I got a few. Oh well. Those are good memories for me. I enjoyed England. That was an adventure for a kid, getting on a plane and flying there, and throwing up (oh yea, I did, on the plane :{ ..wasn't my fault though. We had to circle Heathrow for an hour and the stewardess gave me tea. (And I gave it back! :)
    • Linda Joy
      We had a DQ on the corner. But most places I've lived including this one has an ice cream truck that comes around.
    • simonjhollands
      You talk too much.
  • It's supposed to be close to 90 here the next two days. Definitely ice cream weather! Yum!

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