• Hello Myang Welcome back Hope you are happy and well.
    • Myang
      Glad to hear something from you! :D been busy but really happy to be back here! :) btw. i saw that you're still on list of top leaders. nice one. ;)
    • Roaring
      Not sure how that happened. I just get in these moods to dialogue with a diverse group of folk and get on a roll sometime.
    • Myang
      hello how are you?
  • Hi there, I've changed jobs and don't have much time to play here anymore. But I do check in from time to time. Nice to see you. : )
    • Myang
      hmm.. don't have much time but can check from time to time? a little bit confusing for me Sir Ice Man! :D :P Nice to hear something from you again! ^^
    • Myang
      hello mr. ice man? how you doing?
  • Hi there Myang! I am still here but not as often; work and sleep gets in the way.
    • Myang
      big hello from me! :) almost the same here. home → wokr → home (repeat again and again) ☻
  • I hear from Anoname from time to time. His best friend from childhood just passed. He doesn't work at the skyscraper where he used to log on during the day.

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