• The difficult thing is if they make noise after you've gone to bed. Other than that, Mr Pants likes a fresh audience.
    • Linda Joy
      Definitely a disturbance! Most places have rules for keeping peace at night, but night terrors don't always follow the rules and you can't really fault a body for that!
  • In my teenage years I went to prison for five years. I did not know any of the other convicts, but I had read about a few of the more notorious ones in the newspapers. 80% of guys on my Wing had committed murder and were serving life sentences, which in England meant between 10 and 20 years at their ages. The most difficult part was sensing when things were going to get violent and making sure I disappeared pretty smartish.
    • Linda Joy
      Ironically, I was locked up in a detention home on july fourth 1976 our country's major Bicentennial independence celebration. With murders, but definitely NOT comprable! I had run away from home at 15 trying to keep myself safe. I understand about learning to sense 'a disturbance in the force' so to speak as I grew up with Alcoholics.
    • Linda Joy
      What were you in for, Beaker?
  • In high school I was an exchange student and lived with a foreign family for 3 weeks. I became homesick.
    • Linda Joy
      No doubt! But how exciting!
  • Went on 2 research projects, we were a team of 10 people, who only had one thing in common the study of the project. Trying to not insult them was the hardest Especially when I got the call to make dinner with a guy from Boston. I come from New York, everything I wanted to do he rejected luckily the leader of the project took over. Nothing against Boston but different ways of doing things were the toughest part with all of them.
    • Linda Joy
      Not sure I wanna go out with someone who doesn't know the difference between a party and a potty! Lol jk
    • Rick Myres
      Thank you for the thumbs up. As I said before it would be nice if I could do that on a reply.
  • I was in work rehab from fall 1994 to spring 1995 after 1993 back surgery put me as disabled. I was in a housing for drug abusers and other criminal activity, plus mental patient behavior. The most difficult was to sleep there and clean up others people's messes there. I did however make some friends there before it was over.
  • ive stayed in homeless shelters before, i didnt like those cause i couldnt get no sleep there, ive also stayed in resorts before, i used to work in those places, i enjoyed the people there, i miss doing that, cant do it now cause of hip implants and a bad knee
    • Linda Joy
      I know what you mean I was on medication to help me sleep in the shelters.
  • Stayed in a women's shelter at 23 for about 2 months. I'm an introvert and very private so it was hard to go through such an emotional and difficult time without having a place to be alone where I could break down. It was also hard to witness some of the other women being shitty parents. And my food was stolen often
    • Linda Joy
      I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I was in shelters for 2 years while my disability case was waiting for a court date, but I was older. At 23 I joined the Navy and lived with others in that environment. And at 15 I left home and was put in a detention center for a couple of weeks. But no one stole my food. And I never saw any children being abused there, but still so sad to see them there at all! But the shelter where I stayed that had children had surveillance. Some women were just out of prison. I saw many women cry for days upon arrival. (Like you said the only way to hide the tears was to cover themselves with their jacket) One woman got 'lost' two blocks from the shelter! And the streets were numbered, avenues going N. And S. Streets E. And W. Some so pitifully prepared for life on their own having been dependent all their lives! So sad! Sorry I rambled on so but I guess I needed to get it out and I think other people need to understand better the reality rather than the perceptions and stereotypes. Thank you for your answer.
    • AskingForaFriend
      Thanks for sharing, you seem like a genuinely nice person who has had many different life experiences
    • Linda Joy
      I'm a nice person who gets bitchy way too often these days. But I'm only human. And yes, I've lived a lot. Hopefully I can help someone else. Even if its just being here to listen.
  • Military. The most difficult is that I hate when people snore. It interrupts my snoring.

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