• 1)A feedback mechanism that lets a singer know when they are spot on the proper pitch, (and shocks them if they veer too far off : ) ) 2) An app the lets you know how much time and how frequently each person at a meeting speaks. 3)a smart filtering program (including a quorum of respected participants on an answer forum) that would render trolls and spammers impotent to the larger audience that contributes quality, interest, fun, helpfulness to the forum.
  • I have a few a device that you install on the back of your TV or it's built in to your mobile device to receive cable TV, internet and phone use. No more wires or dishes. Second up binoculars which have a camera built right into it. It would be waterproof and infra red for night vision, last one I heard about wall paper which takes noise and turns it into light. not sure how that is working right now.

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