• For a first bike ..I'd recommend something used (you will make mistakes and it will get dinged). Stay away from the "used bikes for sale" in the newspaper and on the internet (I guarantee you'll get screwed). Shop around your local dealers and tell them that you are a novice just starting out, so they can steer you in the right direction. Otherwise they will assume (because of your age) that you are an experienced rider and guide you towards a more powerful model that will get you into big trouble very quickly. Some things to consider would be - your price range, and the power level to carry your size and weight (if you pick a bike that's too small you'll burn it out. If you choose a bike that's too big you'll have trouble handling it's weight and power, which will lead to road rash, broken bones & a smashed up bike.). So you're looking for the happy medium. Whatever it is, make sure you can place both feet flat on the ground (at the same time) with a little bend left in your knees. If you have to tippy-toe it to touch the ground ... you could break a leg or get badly burned when it falls over on you. Good luck and welcome to the world of motorcycles. I've been at it for 50 years and still going strong.
    • Ponystar
      Thank you! That helps me quite a bit!
    • Ice man
      You're very welcome, let me know how you make out.
  • Yamaha v Star 650

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