• Strawberries, bananas, raspberries, yogurt, & ice
    • Linda Joy
      I've used all that,except ice, but I usually put it in the freezer. I don't use raspberry a lot because of the cost. I'm looking forward to fixing them more now that its getting warmer outside
  • strawberries, banana, orange, kiwi, papaya, mango, pear.....and a little yogurt and flax seed. I make a huge blender of it and drink a glass a day for lunch
    • Linda Joy
      I do that, too! I pour it into cups and freeze it! Did you know the banana peel has as many nutrients as the banana? I've started eating the banana and putting the peel in the smoothie! I did that with orange peel once, but it's not as good! I also put flaxseed in. Do you use whole seeds or ground? I also add China seed.
  • Smoothies suck.
    • Linda Joy
      May God bless you!
    • Seymour Butts
      I peed in your smoothie.
  • i dont eat them much
  • i hardly ever eat thenn

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