• I don`t know. But would you drink water, knowing that fish had been fornicating in it?
  • A dilemma for one made primarily of water! I'm not AS concerned with the fish fornicating in it as I am their defecating, dying and decomposing in it. Thank goodness for water filters, right?!
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Oh man, I never thought of all that!
    • Linda Joy
      Sometimes ya gotta ask yourself do enquiring minds REALLY want to know?
  • No one got the answer... IT WAS W.C. FIELDS. He said this (in a short) to someone who suggested he drink water instead of whiskey. Fields was a funny man (famous also for his drinking). I used to watch his comedy shorts, and also those of Edgar Kennedy. (both from the 30's and 40's, in black n white), back in the 70's & early 80's, when Mr Pants used to get home baked at 1 AM and want to watch TV with some munchies. There was only ever a couple channels on (there were only 7, even in the day) and you kind of had to watch what was on and find a way to like it. I really did like these guys. I also saw Charlie Chan movies and the original Superman series. And there were rock concerts on, and an imported sitcom called Young Ones (that was funny, to a stoned teenager.)
  • W.C. Fields is the correct answer. He had so many lines that were absolutely priceless. He hated dogs and kids that he had to share the silver screen with & once a reporter doing an interview asked " Now tell us the truth W.C. , how to you really like kids ?" W.C. thought for a second and replied, " Bar-B-Qued, my boy, bar-b-qued !". : )

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