• Aw give the guy a break! He had a rough childhood, and the only sex he ever had involved having his niece pee on his face. But other than that...wait..he stole MY NUTELLA!? *starts mobilizing troops*
    • beaker95
      I don't agree the process of urination upon another person's face is an act of sex. More like some Canadian mating ritual......
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Oh Canadians! Don't even get me started! You know, their birds shit on my car, as they make their exodus every year to go south. But they don't really need to go south! It's a plot!! The Canadians poke them with little sticks, and send them here. They do this on purpose, and then laugh at me. *blink, blink* ..It's really sticky bird poop too because it has maple syrup in it (everything in Canada does), and this is especially hard to wash off your hood. *blink* Anyway, you can't trust people who keep milk in bags. It's just common sense! *blink, blink...blink blink blink* (It's okay, I just have a little poop in my eye.)
    • beaker95
      Going east or west would be erroneous, me thinks. Dem birds are way smarter than us mere humanoids.......
  • Any act of theft would make me angry and want retribution of a very severe nature......
    • Hogey the Roguey
      Me too.

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