• So Mr. JustATemp, we are in a bit of a sticky situation. It's gonna take time to mend things. Connect with her on a personal level. Accept that it was your fault that you broke it off, but be a man and be firm about things. Talk to her everyday. Be good friends with her. Things will be alright, trust me. Do make sure she knows that you've accepted that it was your mistake to dump her at that time. Also, this is a highly opinionated answer. It may be wrong, it may be right. So no point in criticizing this, or any other answers.
  • Sounds like you need to gauge the situation first. If you've already started talking a little, that's a good sign, but it wouldn't do anyone any harm to step it up a bit more frequently. You don't have to get too close if she seems uncomfortable, but given time I'm sure she'll warm up. The more you talk, the better things will be. Just keep going and see how things line up - if it's meant to be then maybe something'll happen.

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