• Is that an alpaca-shaped vibrator, adorned with real finger nails....?
    • Ice man
    • Linda Joy
      Oh, then no.
  • Is this an actual game or just asking 20 questions?
    • Ice man
      It really is an actual game type of device that fit's in the palm of your hand. You have to think of some sort of object and it will ask you 20 questions, then it will tell you what you were thinking about. It has a very high accuracy and is amazing. Check it out -
  • I have 2 of them. One is a regular 20Q anf th other is a Harry potter 20Q. I love them both.
    • Ice man
      Thanks. I've got one that I've had for many years (pre- Harry Potter). The battery finally died last year, so I opened it up and put in a new one. Works like new, and is still surprisingly accurate. : )

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