• Yes, an old friend asked me to send them a current photo. Apparently I suck, big time, at taking selfies in the mirror, or anywhere else for that matter. I must have taken 50 before I took one that was decent enough to share. Needless to say - all were deleted and I'll not go down that road again. ; )
    • Boola Boo
      I was going to send this to my daughter last night. If I did she would have been very upset.
    • Linda Joy
      At least nowadays we can take 50 and delete them without wasting film and developing fees, right?
  • I took an electric fence once and was shocked....
  • I had a selfie when I woke up this morning. that different? Oh.
  • I can't take a selfie with my phone. I even tried to get others to take a pic and then used my laptop, but none come out right. My light was too low inside and when I went outside my friend took a pic of the parking lot with me in the corner of the photo and my hair looked red in the sunlight! My hair has never been red! Although I thought of perming it in little ringletts and coloring it red. I thought it would look good with my green eyes. But I digress! My son's fiance braided my hair and took a pic. And while I've lost weight over the past ten years I still looked fatter than I ever thought I was! hahaha. I don't have a lot of wrinkles, but I'm getting the sagging eyelids, jowels, neck, and puppet mouth. My gray hair FINALLY started coming in this year! I earned it 40 years ago! I'm actually thankful people no longer confuse me for a child just because of my short stature. I've always been critical of pictures of myself, and I was shocked at the red hair! But I'd say, generally speaking, I'm not so much surprised as I am disappointed. I'd love to see a pic of you, boo!

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