• No we are complementary - one doesn't exist without the other. Very negative to think in terms of playing a "game" - better to think in terms of enjoyment of one another. Men and women are mostly the same but it is the smaller percentage of differences that is most significant.
    • CosmicWunderkind
      I tend to really agree. Its no use to maintain my cynical, sardonic blameworthy outlook. If a guy can't look at his total self than he is being self defeating. I just think I was raised crazy and let fun vulgarity run rampant. I sure hope I don't have to live ? fake existence. Thanks girl her cool!
    • officegirl
      What is "fake" or "real" really is in the eye and mind of the beholder. The rest of us try to get along as best we can. Being raised by crazy but successful parents to succeed in a world I felt I was in no way fit for or had no understanding of at all I rebelled and sought drugs and sex just to feel good. Thank God I imbibed enough of a work ethic I was always able to do something to earn my keep.

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