• I wouldn't worry about it. If you haven't gotten sick after an hour you're probably not going to, so long as you didn't wash the egg when you first put it on the counter. If the egg was bad you would have smelled it as soon as you cracked the shell. When the chicken lays an egg, it comes out with a natural protective coating which seals the porous shell and it will keep at room temp for months without spoiling. Store bought eggs are washed to make them look nicer and in the process that protective coating gets washed off, so they are sprayed with a type of wax to replace the coating. If you then wash the egg again, the egg will spoil within a few days.
  • You dont need a doctor for that. toilet will comfort you. and as long as you're not feelings sick. there's nothing to worry about. :)
  • First... how did you accidentally eat an egg? Second... you should be fine as long as there wasn't an obvious scent of a spoiled egg, or the visual evidence telling you it was expired.

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