• This question can be solved by making a pair of linear equations with two variables. let the number of php 5 coins is x and that of php 10 is y. now we know that there are a total of 120 coins. Therefore, x+y=120. also, we know that the total value is 950, therefore 5x+10y=950. Solving them, we get 5x+10y=950 x+y=120 multiplying the second equation by 5 5x+10y=950 5x+5y=600 substracting the second equation from the first, we get (5x-5x)+(10y-5y)=950-600 5y=350 y=70. now putting this value of y in x+y=120 we get x=50 therefore, there are 70 php 5 coins and 50 php 10 coins

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