• I fell in love with my Chiropractor's hands. I'd fall asleep and wake up wondering if I was moaning. LOL Depending on the issue, a physical therapist is great to strengthening.
    • Ice man
      Thanks. : )
  • YES! I hurt my back in the Marine Corps and couldn't stand or sit without braceing myself for ten years. Then I decided to give chiropractic treatment a try. Now I'm good as new. No more pain and full range of movement.
    • Ice man
      Thanks. The results are amazing, aren't they. It's done me a world of good as well.
  • They are nothing but quacks! I have been to several having had high recommendation only to find they are all the same. I will never go to another one. They are fake.
    • Ice man
      No they aren't ALL fake. I will agree there are some that are fakes and they prey on those that don't know any better or the difference between a real one and a fake. The real one will physically twist you around and correct your alignment. The quack/fake will give your neck a little jerk then run their hands over your head, neck, shoulders and arms, or down your back & say "there you go .. you're good as new". As if they have some magical healing powers in their finger tips but they haven't corrected anything at all. Those guys will generally try to sell you some kind of snake oil and sugar pills too. When you've been to a real chiropractor you'll feel relief from the pain almost instantly and your range of movement will be restored.
  • Man, I hope so...I have an appointment next week.
    • Ice man
      Please read my above comment. If the chiropractor tells you that your lower back pain is because of a problem in your neck and that all he is going to do is work on your neck because the rest of your back will straighten itself out after he only works on your neck - don't pay him , just get up and walk out - he's a quack. I hope you are to see a good one. If so, you will benefit from it. He'll likely want to take an x-ray first, then decide how to best adjust you as per what the x-ray reveals. He should have a consultation with you, showing you the x-rays and explaining what he will do for you. Don't be afraid to ask questions !! In the adjustment the chiropractor will physically twist you around to get your alignment back to where it should be. Don't be afraid of it. You have to be able to completely relax for the adjustment to work. He will likely get you talking about something and suddenly make his move when you are distracted. Otherwise you'll subconsciously resist ( that's natural). For some procedures he'll ask you to take a deep breath and exhale. When your lungs are empty, he'll suddenly give you a twist. Again, don't resist, try to go limp (it's hard to do until you have faith in your chiropractor). You should hear a series of cracks, don't worry about it ... that's your joints going back where they belong. You might feel a little bruised the next day (that's normal) and you'll probably have to go back a few times until your muscles get use to your joints being put back the way they should be.
    • Thinker
      The reason for most back pain is one leg is longer than the other and back not straight. I have helped many and the pain is gone. I don't twist, pop or pull anything. I will not tell how I do this because it will cause quite a rampage on here. Unbelievers laugh at me and say I am crazy until they are healed of the problem. I don't charge anything either.
    • Ice man
      The most common reason for one leg being slightly longer than the other is a misalignment of the hips, which will twist the lower spine to one side. It can easily be caused by a fall on the ground. A chiropractor can correct that. A chiropractor is a trained professional who will put things back to where they belong, without doing further damage.. Faith healers and witch doctors are not trained professionals. Faith healers and witch doctors don't go to college to learn about every joint, bone and muscle, and how they all work in the human body. But a chiropractor did. So what it boils down to is this - do you listen to a certificated, educated professional - or do you listen to someone who has some secret magic, burns sweet grass, roles chicken bones, and waves their magic hands over you.

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