• Hey friend. Maybe you could combine your two strenghts into one career. Some of your explaination god cut off so i cant see it all, so im guessing a bit, but it see that youre kinda worried about the future and maybr unsure about what exactly it is you want to do. My advice is to do what you love. Do the thing which is going to make your jumo out of bed in the morning and say "horray! I get to do ___________ " ...go with the one that is in your heart. Dont say "okway eell ill do this for a ehile j really dont like it much but ill do it anyways." No. Jump right inti what you love doing and do it with passion. I know you can do it my friend. Sorry if i misunderstood your question i did my best. Hope all is going well with you. Ill pray for you. May God help you through whatever it is youre going through.
  • Since you've said that you got a very tight schedule.. and i think this is your top problem at all. You better apply or enroll in online courses/short courses regarding to those things you want to learn or add in your learning experiences. Try AMA OED. this is just one of the education online i knew. Hope it'll help you. or the idea though.

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