• Fear of public speaking is a common fear ranked above death in some surveys! So know you're not alone in this. My advice is to know your material. Know your time frame. Practice with any audience you can convince to critique you even if it's just one person. Know your time allotment for each segment so you can stay on time. You may want to open with a joke to lighten the mood if you're any good at that, but not if they're the stuffy type who may frown on that. Make an outline. Write the entire speech to perfect your wording but don't read it. Use your outline and make frequent eye contact with your audience. If it's a boring speech plan an audience participation activity to keep them engaged. (I'm used to working with children) Now for the most important part: You would not have been asked to give the opening speech if you weren't already AWESOME! ! Claim it! Own it! You got this!
  • just do what theyve said before about thinking of people in their underwear

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