• 2-27-2017 The only times I have been associated with snow, hot syrup was not what I was thinking of.
    • Ice man
      It's a treat for the little kids, they love it and so do I. We do it with the first new batch of maple syrup every year. Thanks
    • Jewels Vern
      Ah, so that's it: you make syrup yourself. For me, maple syrup is sixteen bux a quart!
  • Isn't that called "sugaring off"? They used to have community or local sugaring-off parties in syrup-producing areas and they were an event and people socialized and ate other food as well.
    • Ice man
      Yes exactly, and I'm glad to hear someone else remembers what a "sugaring off party" is. It's a term only used in the North East. The last time I asked someone from the South if they knew what a "sugaring off party" was ... they were sure it meant a swinger's orgy ! : )

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