• I hated my life in my early twenties. Now I'm very happy and I look back and realize I couldn't be who I am now without that unpleasant time. Hang in there.
  • I sometimes wish life was different too. When I'm in a downer mood, I used to watch "Aliens." Nothing could be worse than having to fight for your life against those creatures. I'd also go on walks on the beach to clear my head. The waves seems to calm and soothe me.
  • I'm sorry. Why not consider what Jesus said at Matthew 5:3 -
  • Hey.. you said you hate life. I understand whrre youre coming from sometimes life can be difficult. Have you ever thought about maybe getting help with this? Maybe youre suffering from depression. They can give you stuff to deal with anxiety and things as well. I want to hear about your story. And hey if its really bad i think you should call the suicide provention hotline and theyll help you right away. Theres help out there. Seek it and you will find life. Heres the number in america 1 800 273 8255 Heres a number in canada 1 800 465 4442

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