• If you mix about a cup of hydrogen peroxide and a cup of isopropyl alcohol the higher the percentage the better and gargle it .... it helps immensely with the pain and kills the bacteria causing the infection. Due to where the infection is located don't be afraid if you swallow any of it cause it's not that bad for you, I personally tend to swallow it to ensure it hits all areas of infection which can sometimes extend past the back of your throat. Hope this helps and you feel better soon
  • I have done the peroxide and alcohol with great results and generally swallow it as well. I don't like using antibiotics unless absolutely necessary and tend to try and use more alternative means of treatment and have used this method on myself and my children several times. You can usually find 90 - 100 percent isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) at just about any store or pharmacy and depending how bad a case you have I generally do it ever 1-2 hours for the first several days and then every 3-4 hours until it's gone. Good luck
  • Strep can be a serious infection. If you think you have strep throat I suggest seeing a doctor right away. It can normally be cleared up with antibiotics.

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