• Oh Oh Now what did you do sounds like you went to the ER? Feb. 05
    • Ice man
      Nope, I'm good. My buddy fell on the ice in a parking lot and broke his arm. WE had to wait 22 hours before they set his arm.
    • RareCatch
      WOW Seem quite long. Feb 05
    • Ice man
      Every time another ambulance pulled in my buddy got pushed back in the line up.
  • 2-7-2017 In the Air Force they only have appointments and emergencies, nothing in between. So when my baby needed attention we took him to emergency. After waiting an hour I asked the nurse what the holdup was. She told me shut up, I was only an emergency, not an appointment. It turned out the staff had gone to Commander's Call, which is a ceremony to remind everybody that there is actually a commander and this is still a military thing, not just a job.
    • Ice man
      That's just horribly wrong of them ! I hope the baby was alright ?
  • about 12 hours was rushed to the e.r. with palpitations, first they stuck me in a "room" 10' x 10' with one wall a curtain for 4 or 5 hours during which they did nothing but hook me up to a machine that keep giving alarms every couple of minutes then they admited my to an actual hospital Room where i spent the night with another alarming machine before they actually did anything the next morning. final diagnosis? Afib prescribed cartia and a stress test with nuclear or some such, it was an injection to light up my veins but litterally did nothing for mye the first 12 or so hours i was there
    • Ice man
      Maybe I'm missing something but I would have thought anything heart related should have been seen by a doctor right away. Thanks.

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