• I know Spanish uses the question mark (and an upside down one at the beginning of the question). I think all Europeans do. I don't know about native Answerbag speakers, though 😒
    • Ice man
      Hahaha Good answer. Thanks
  • No, there are question marks in many European languages, like French, German, Spanish and Italian. However, spoken languages, English included, don't use question marks, except when you transcribe them - they generally use intonation. One explanation for people not using question marks is that they are a little more difficult to type, especially on a smartphone. It is the same reason why some people write only in lower case.
    • Ice man
      Thanks, maybe the "smartphone" should be re-named to ... ":not-so-smartphone".. lol : )
    • iwnit
      @Ice man: aha! :-)
    • Linda Joy
      My smartphone still knows more than the two of us combined!
  • 1-24-2017 I keep a file of answers to questions that get asked a lot. When somebody has too many abbreviations or otherwise does not qualify for a straight answer, the answer they get is "f u cn rd ths u cn gt a btr jb & mo pa in cptr prgmng".
    • Ice man
    • iwnit
      @Jewels Vern: "if you can read this you can get a better job & more pay in computer programming". (I guess)
  • yes , in Persian language is a question mark at the end of interrogative sentence. like this ?
    • Ice man
      Thanks : )
  • In English, a question is punctuated with a question mark directly after the last word of the sentence (without a space). The Romans invented the use of the question mark and virtually all languages influenced by Latin adopted it along with the Latin alphabet (which you see me using now). Languages using the Cyrillic alphabet also generally use the question mark.
    • Moodswings
      Who is Cyril?
    • bostjan64
      St Cyril, also known as Constantine the Philosopher, was an early Christian Greek missionary to the Slavic lands. He and his brother invented a writing system in order to translate the Bible into Old Church Slavonic, which was the precursor language to modern Serbocroatian. The alphabet took hold in Serbia and spread eastward through Ukraine, Russia, and all the way to Mongolia, where it is used today.
  • Parlez-vous Fran├žais?
  • I don't think so.
  • No, Spanish uses an inverted question mark. It has been in use since 1754. ┬┐
  • I am not sure. English is the only language I know.

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