• There are actually color charts for Photography, Lighting, and Painting that show what each color is the opposite of.. Just google them maybe?
  • Look at the colour wheel. The colour 180 degrees opposite the colour is, well, the opposite.
  • I guess black is the opposite of white, but I can't remember if that's completely true. I know that the opposite of blue is orange, and the opposite of green is red, and the opposite of purple is yellow, and so on. It's all on the color wheel, anyway.
  • Yes, opposite colors on the color wheel could be called opposites. BUt black and white are more than opposites. If you combine all pigment form colors they say you would end up with black. If you combine all colors of light you end up with white.
  • The color wheel shows all!
  • i no grren is d opposite of red dats y sergions wer green so d blood stands out
  • Yes,it is.Other colors don't have opposite,because black is the mixture of all colors,and white is no color.but it differs about other colors.
  • It's not really that simple. Every color contains none of the color is actually appears to be. The color we see is the reflection of the color from the object concerning its color. If an item looks black, it is reflecting all colors and is essentially absent of color; it is actually white, which is not a even a color. So if you ask what is the opposite color of black, the correct answer is black.
  • No, because white is not a color. White is the absence of pigment/color.
  • in other cases, colors have opposite colors when seen. the opposite of black is white...try to focus ur eyes for about a minute or so on any black colored thing then shift ur focus on other areas, u can see the object in white instead of black :) click here
  • The simple answer to this question without going all scientific.. is yeah Black on one end of the color list and white is the extreme opposite. Other than that you are just looking at colors that match... like blue/red green/yellow ect...
  • Yes, every color has an opposite. The opposite of bright white, though, is actually dark grey, according to the charts. You learn all of this when you study design. Here is a great web design color palette to use as reference:
  • the colour wheel!! red/green, blue/orange, purple/yellow - well they're complementary colours anyways...
  • on the color wheel, the opposite colors (and my fav combination) is blue=orange, red=green and yellow=purple. Not sure about black and white but it makes sense.

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