• Clearly the answer to both questions is yes. He can't let anything slide when he thinks someone might disagree with him. Then he will fly off the handle and start ranting about stupid shit. He knows more than the Generals. He knows more than the intelligence agencies.. He knows more about hacking than anybody else... all that & more was before even taking office.
  • I don't know about that. He has been around a long time and has been part of enough conflicts and taken a lot of abuse so I think he has developed a pretty thick skin in fact. He is used to battling some heavy hitters. But I think he is just so accustomed to protecting himself he doesn't consider enough whether something is a real threat or not before he just lashes out in response. But to a certain extent it is strategic and gives him more space to think behind it while people are focusing on his sometimes off-the-wall responses.
  • Thin skin is a major understament. I think hes a super sensitive, cruel bully who desperatly wants to APPEAR SUPER CONFIDENT & sure of himself but in reality REAKS OF A MASSIVE INFERIORITY CIMPLEX & TOTALLY INSECURE. YAH GREAT THOSE R TRAITS U WANT IN UR LEADER! Wtd

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