• Clearly the answer to both questions is yes. He can't let anything slide when he thinks someone might disagree with him. Then he will fly off the handle and start ranting about stupid shit. He knows more than the Generals. He knows more than the intelligence agencies.. He knows more about hacking than anybody else... all that & more was before even taking office.
    • Chicagoan
      He also fires everyone else around him who is smarter than he is and more experienced, which leaves few others besides him and his moronic family standing around the Oval Office.
  • I don't know about that. He has been around a long time and has been part of enough conflicts and taken a lot of abuse so I think he has developed a pretty thick skin in fact. He is used to battling some heavy hitters. But I think he is just so accustomed to protecting himself he doesn't consider enough whether something is a real threat or not before he just lashes out in response. But to a certain extent it is strategic and gives him more space to think behind it while people are focusing on his sometimes off-the-wall responses.
  • Thin skin is a major understament. I think hes a super sensitive, cruel bully who desperatly wants to APPEAR SUPER CONFIDENT & sure of himself but in reality REAKS OF A MASSIVE INFERIORITY CIMPLEX & TOTALLY INSECURE. YAH GREAT THOSE R TRAITS U WANT IN UR LEADER! Wtd
  • All politicians are egotists. Is Trump any better or worse than Pelosi or Clinton or Georgie Bush or Obama? Don't kid yourself!
    • Victorine
      The question wasn't whether he is an egotist but whether he has very thin skin. And yes, he's considerably worse than experienced and highly professional politicians who know what they are doing. He hadn't the faintest idea. By the way, calling Obama "OsamaObama" is just as childish as Trump's middle-school-level insults. The two of you really need to grow up.
    • Franco333
      Egotist and thin-skinned go together like milk and cookies, as you should well know. Calling Trump all the nicknames the libturd losers did for his entire term, then whining when conservatives do the same to 'The Great And All-Powerful Osama?Obama?YoMama!' shows both your immaturity level and hypocrisy quotient. Not that I'm surprised, as leftards are always able (and eager) to dish out the VA, but when it comes back around, it's time to squeal like a stuck pig, cry that it's sooooo hurtful, then sob the Snowflake Motto: 'Do as we say, not as we do; what's fair for us, ain't fair for you!' from the comfort of that eveready safe room.
    • Chicagoan
      I can always tell when a Republican knows his president is a POS - he has nothing honest to say about him that is any good, and instead, he immediately rattles off other names to deflect the conversation.
    • Franco333
      I can always tell a democrat hypocrite by the way it eagerly dishes out the leftist venom at the opposition, then turns into a sobbing snowflake when its heroes are attacked. Do as we say, not as we hoo hoo!
    • Army Veteran
      I recall the interviews conducted on random people (many were college students) where the people were led to believe Trump was to blame for negative social and economic issues. MOST of the respondents were in agreement based on the mere suggestion that "Trump" was responsible - then couldn't believe that it was actually Obama who did what the interviewer said. This proved two things: 1) that Millennials had no idea what was going on in the real world, and 2) they were easily led to believe what the Democrats wanted them to believe.
  • He obviously has thin skin. I've never seen anyone with an ego as large as his and such deep insecurities. It's one of the reasons he lies all the time and so childishly insults people. He's really just an overgrown and deeply insecure kid who probably had to deal with a very overbearing father who told him constantly what an idiot he was.
  • He clearly has a very FAT skin. LOL. He's a childish bully who often walks up to a microphone, and like a 6-year-old bully, uses his position and role to call people names like Pocahontas and to make fun of disabled people... he's like an out-of-control, insecure, petulant 2nd-Grader who doesn't know what it means to behave civilly, professionally, or with any degree of presidential decorum or class. He was a 4-year-long embarrassment to this country and a total crybaby who can't handle losing an election.
    • Franco333
      I think you have Trump confused with Chicago's beloved Uncle Fester (, whom your description fits like a wet T-shirt on a bimbo. The foreigners may not of liked Trump, but they never thought of him as a senile old fool they could push around, as they do HidenBiden, so if there is any " embarrassment to this country", it is the result of the leftist ballot-stuffing. As for crybaby, I recall the demoncrats crying constant bitter tears for four years, over their beloved Killary losing the election to the Electoral College...and that wasn't even cheating. It should be obvious to all with even half a functioning brain that leftard snowflakes and hypocrisy go together like Mom and Apple Pie...or should I say a sickle & hammer?
    • Army Veteran
      Franco - I sense a touch of ANYT in your comments. Great source.
  • OMG...yes! He retaliates against any one that says anything negative about him.
    • Franco333
      As opposed to saintly leftists who forgive and forget, turn the other cheek, let insults slide, and so on? Are libturd idiots really THAT clueless, are are you all trying to corner the market on hypocrisy?
  • Funny how Liberals have been affected by amnesia so much. **Election 2016 - Hillary loses, the country goes insane with grief, vowing to impeach Trump before he's even sworn in and then goes on a 4-year-long vendetta to remove him from office with schemes like the Russia Hoax, the Ukraine Scandal, and ending with the Coronavirus that was designed to usher in mail-in balloting which was the most vulnerable from cheating. Even after Trump loses, they impeach him again (as a private citizen - totally unheard of and unconstitutional) because he is still such a threat to them. Now they're scared out of their minds that the election audits will uncover the election fraud that they insist never took place. [] The Left has elected a President whose dementia has become the laughing stock of the world and has received no respect from world leaders nor his own people. He ruins everything he touches - and still the Liberals support him. The whole thing lacks common sense. [] Trump does not have "thin skin" - if he did, he wouldn't still be active in trying to save this country from the Communism that is threatening it.
  • He wants the liberals to think he is thin skinned. It affects their judgement. They rush, and fall head first into their own stupidity.
  • How "thin skinned" would you be if almost everybody around you is trying to silence, marginalize, and dismiss everything you say. How many times has Trump been right: covid originating in China, Fauci funding it with our tax dollars, him and his family's Twitter, Facebook and just about all social media cancelling their accounts, right about open borders, election fraud, etc. The man HAD to tweet because MSM won't tell the truth! The left is a horror show! all you have to do is compare how it was under Trump and the rampant crime, homelessness, racial divisiveness, police leaving the force, illegal immigrants, drug dealers and human traffickers streaming across our borders, and the numerous cyberattacks, since Biden too office. You have to be as clueless as Biden not to see the country is going to hell!
  • OMG~Yes!

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