• We're working on the points system now. Chat/Private Messaging will be addressed after the launch of the mobile app.
    • TBO
    • TBO
      been over 4 months..
    • Myang
      This answers directly my questions about mobile app. Thanks for the people behind this! Keep up the good work :D
    • TBO
      now 1/2 year..there will be no points or chat.
    • Roaring
      Would that be only on mobile? I exclusively use my laptop for AB.
  • i still want a proper notifications system for when your answers or questions have activity/interactions etc...
    • TBO
      don't hold your breath.
  • Why do we need points? Some people here just post a bunch of useless questions and give useless answers in order to get their name on some leaderboard. The only thing I'd like to see would be to date stamp the questions and answers.
  • have no idea, they have that on answermug

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