• The Rothschild Corporation who controls and owns the 12 money cartels around the world including the Federal Reserve Corporation in the USA. Rothschild said, "Give me control of the currency used in any country and I care not who writes the laws." The interest rates and inflation are controlled to make them rich and a choke hold on the people.
  • Your question is based on two false suppositions - that there always must be someone to "blame" and that somehow poverty can and will be eradicated. Not so - they will always be with us. In cases where it can be pointed out that particular individuals or institutions through regular policies encourage poverty then it is proper to cast blame. But what kind of blame are you going to cast? Relief efforts can help people but unless they inspire them to be industrious and make something of themselves they can encourage laziness. In some areas poverty is high because there are just no jobs or money around at all for people to earn or buy things. Who is going to want to try to sell anything in an area where they know no one will buy it? Poverty is also exacerbated by climate and weather which cannot be controlled. Until several hundred years ago in relative poverty was how most people lived except for a very few. With the development of more trade and artisanal and professional society those people who participated were able to earn themselves more so there was more of a market for goods and services. That of course threw into relief the relative poverty of the rest of the world. Because people think OK if those people can do well why not everybody? Which is a very human way to think - that you can help others better themselves but it is also very idealistic and impractical. Even with every effort only a small fraction of society will be affected. Because poverty is a natural state. If we just sit around or there is nothing for us to do and no natural resources then we are "poor". Just as simple as that. I think it is more that there are so many people in the world who are not poor. But of course they don't draw our sympathies so we don't talk about them.

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