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  • Sucking dick makes me feel so sexy. And the fact that he enjoys it so much makes me horny. I especially like the submissive feeling I get when on my knees sucking his dick. I think my husband has similar feelings in regard to me swallowing his cum. I feel like we are sharing something incredibly intimate whenever we do that. No matter how kinky blowing a load in someone's mouth may seem, it's something special to me.
    • dorat
      While I can't speak for your husband, I'll bet you're right, because I know that's where I'm comin' from. When my gf sucks my dick and swallows my cum - and I know it sounds so mushy and trite - I feel like she is accepting me in a very intimate way. That I am giving her some part of me and she is taking it with total trust and total love. It is incredibly intimate and it makes me want her so much. I love her BECAUSE she is so giving and willing to submit to my needs and - I know it sounds silly - but when she drinks my cum I feel like in some small way I am giving her something back and she is accepting it with love. (Whew! Gotta calm down here, but we actually did it a few nights ago - which inspired my asking the question - and the memory is still making me horny. Sorry.) One other thing that I have found very romantic and sexy is, sometimes, instead of swallowing, she will then kiss me and give some of my cum back to me. Strangely, in a funny way, I got the same feeling as when we had sex while she was pregnant. I have never forgotten that. (Though having sex while my gf was pregnant was an experience like nothing else. Having sex with the woman who is carrying your baby is the most amazing feeling I have ever had. I barely have words to describe it.) I know, here I go again, all mush. I do want to thank you, though. You get to thinking that maybe you are the only couple in the universe that feels about sex this way, and come to find that there are women out there who feel about their guys the same. I should not be surprised, I guess, but it is neat. Oh, one other thing I like, if I cum on my gf's face or tits, or if she has been jacking me off and gets some cum on her fingers, she'll feed it back to me. Again, that sense of intimacy and sharing drives me nuts. I won't lie, too, when I cum on her it stirs every male instinct in me. My gf says that I am marking my territory and no doubt of it, it really reinforces my sense of dominance. I know that sounds terrible, but I mean dominance in the best way. Yeah, I am sort of claiming her, but I am also loving her and protecting her. Anyhow, sorry for rambling, but your answer brought those memories and thoughts back. As ever, thanks for your honesty.
    • officegirl
      Emma do you or any of your best friends orgasm doing it? I couldn't believe when several years ago I first heard about that from younger women on the former AB. But I know it is not at all uncommon now and once even saw it when someone about your age was doing my husband during a swap. Doubt many of us - I mean my generation. - eroticized oral to that extent. When I told friends who were swingers - 40s and 50s - about that they too were amazed.
  • I do it to be pleasing. I understand how it makes men feel accepted. I'm not sure I have ever had a man say that but somewhere along the line I figured that out. But I must give you some history. When I was young a lot of men would want me to do that and I would although I did not have much experience. But when they would suddenly go off in my mouth that was not pleasant and actually I was sort of disgusted. And I would ask them to tell when they were going to but they mostly never would so it got that I just said - I was still a teenager - OK I'm not doing that any more. And so I thought well if they respect me they won't ask me to do that. Of course I did do it on occasion if someone wanted it and I was OK with it but mostly in my serious relationships I did not have to. So I would just play with them and kiss them and admire them and put my lips around them and run my tongue around or under the foreskin and for most men that was enough direct attention there. Ten or so years ago when I started seeing young men they more expected it of me and some seemed so amazed that here I was so sophisticated in many ways but I was so inept at "sucking dick". So they would tell me things I should do and what they liked and I would try to do it and after a few years I definitely became a lot better at it. And even learned to deep throat. But it was still nothing at all sexy to me though I liked being able to give them that pleasure. I learned how to angle them and swallow so it would go down my throat because I still find that squishy feeling in my mouth pretty gross. And I guess my feeling is they are being lazy and selfish when what I want is them up me which requires more work and control on their part. My husband has never asked me to do that but I did once early on about when we were married. And only because we swapped with another couple separate rooms and the husband asked me to do him which I did. And one of my friends on AB at that time told me I had better do my husband or he would feel badly. Which I did and of course he did like it but it sort of embarrassed both of us. So yes I do it if I think I should and I am pretty good at it but not something I have ever enjoyed.
    • officegirl
      PS I have talked to young women on the former AB who not only liked doing it but orgasmed themselves doing it. And have seen it in my own bedroom when a twenty-something went down on my husband. Which I doubt anyone of my generation would - I mean get off from doing that -, or very few. But goes to show to what extent younger generations of women will go in eroticizing any form of male desires.
    • dorat
      Honestly, I expected to hear your kind of answer from women more than I did the answer I got from Lady Emma. "I do it because I know my guy loves it, but..." I will throw in that my gf loves it, which is partly why I was curious what other women thought. In fact, since you asked LadyEmma and I had not thought to mention it, not often, but occasionally, my gf has had an orgasm from sucking dick and swallowing my cum. She really feels it as intimately as I do. It is interesting that you think age may be a factor. I don't recall how old you are, but we are in our mid (her) to late (me) 30s. Like I said, my gf does not always orgasm from the experience - in fact, that last time we "did it" she did not. Me, on the other hand.... However my gf has - which of course just adds to my excitement. I am not sure if it really is an age thing, but that is an interesting idea. As always, thanks for your insights.
    • officegirl
      Well there you are - the different cultural climate in just 20 years. We are geared to very much orient ourselves to attracting men and so I think if you like something and we get wind of it we naturally would eroticize it as part of the bonding process. No have never heard from anyone over say 45 of that, even some men would want me to swallow but when they saw how unpleasant it was for me they did not keep on with that. Probably because that was their experience with most of us then. Since then succeeding generations of women have come along who not only don't mind it but probably are really used to doing it and like it and some have even eroticized it for themselves. Anyway I envy your girlfriend. But no thanks. I have learned to like a lot of things in my life but I'm sure there are some things I will never.
    • dorat
      No, I get that. A little TMI Truth in Advertising: My gf has swallowed my cum and then kissed me to swap it back. She also will sometimes get it on her hands if she has been stroking me or wipe it off my chest or balls or whatever and feed it to me. Takes a little getting used to. Also, much more TMI, I swallowed the guy's cum - and he mine - when I was having gay sex. Again, took some getting used to, but it seems to excite my gf to watch me as much as I feel loved and accepted when she drinks my cum. Honestly, I don't think I could do it otherwise. It may very well be cultural - or maybe just deeply deeply personal and individual. One other interesting thought: When my gf swallows my cum, to me it feels like the deepest act of romance and acceptance. Yet if I just cum on her tits or face or whatever, it feels less romantic and more animal and territorial. It is so different.
    • officegirl
      Men seem to love when we play with it. Like if someone finishes on my boobs and I rub it around, or take some on two fingers and taste it, or put it inside me. Not anything I would ever do at home but helps keep a group of play partners interested.
    • dorat
      Yes, I like that, too. I seriously don't know what it is. I suppose the idea that a woman is receiving a part of us that we have given is just really sexy. I mean, thinking of it in strictly physical terms, it is nothing special..but WOW, few things so simple seem to bring out such complex emotions in a guy.
  • Cheap and nasty....
  • It makes me crave a McDonald's.

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