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  • Guess have never thought in terms of "performing". Except for oral which I sometimes do but have never liked. What about being on top squatting or kneeling? Also lotus position.
    • dorat
      Thanks. Second time today that I did not write a question very well. "Performing" suggests putting on an act when what I really meant is what do you like to do to turn on a guy? What have you found that works? Anyhow, thanks for trying to decipher my code. I appreciate it.
    • officegirl
      Sir you write questions perfectly and I took it as my being the more active one. Controlling the action which sometimes just in the natural course of things I need to do. I know very well that men like a lot of things a many of which I have done but am not as comfortable doing or don't like myself except for just pleasing my partner. As far as turning guys on I have always thought OK if they are interested in me than they are turned on by me. Occasionally when someone was nervous or felt pressure or whatever and could not become erect I would just have us relax and get comfortable having a good time talking and soon they would be more than ready on their own.
  • Like your girlfriend, I also enjoy licking balls. And in my experience, it drives all the men I've done it to wild, which in turn, makes me feel good about what I'm doing. When I'm giving my husband oral sex, he loves it when I stop to stroke his cock and lick his balls. I can feel his scrotum tighten up and his cock will pulsate. It turns me on that he likes it so much.
    • dorat
      Thanks for replying. Yeah, I can tell you from this guy's perspective, there are few things that drive me wild the way getting my balls licked does. It is also really neat to see that it turns you on, too. My gf, as I say, has told me that, too.
    • ladyEmma
      You're welcome. It definitely turns me on. My husband taking pleasure in anything I do to him turns me on.
  • It's all about me. I believe in quid pro quo in all my relationships
    • dorat
      Fair enough.
  • Intercourse, but I also really enjoy giving and getting oral.
  • I love face sitting to feel his face and tongue buried in my super hot and wet pussy...feel his tongue exploring all inside my juicy wet pussy.

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