• Yes, it can be broken down into oxygen and hydrogen with an electrical charge. This is often done as an experiment in school science labs. Usually it is used to show the igniting the hydrogen to show its flammability.
  • 1-11-2017 What exactly do you mean by "destroy"?
    • we are dough
      Make it no more, ever.....
  • No, it's against my religion. Buddha said "No destroying the water, damn it ! ".
    • we are dough
      Sounds like a very aggressive kinda fella....
    • Ice man
      Big fat bugger like you dad..
    • we are dough
      I am not your Dad, son......
    • we are dough
      So we are all drinking water, peeing it out and then someone, somewhere will drink it again...?
  • I don't think so.
    • we are dough
      Nice and decisive......

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