• Sorry, the categories for "Communication" and "Emails" don't exist any more, for some mysterious reason. This is the best category I could find for this question. Gee, what's happened to the categories?
  • Because they don't care about that. They care only about one thing: advertising whatever they are selling to as many people as possible. End of story. At home I once tried on both my and my husband's email account to "unsubscribe" to any ads we did not want. My efforts were very unsuccessful. In some instances I even wrote to the parent company to ask that we be taken off their email list. Do you think any of them did that? In some cases they wanted me to enter a secret code and password (which did not exist) to "verify" my identity. I delete dozens of ads every time I get on.
    • Nosmo King
      If they really care so much about selling whatever they are advertising, why would they send such annoying and offputting emails? How do they expect to drum up any business if they behave like ignorant trolls?
    • officegirl
      Don't know - one of the many current practices I have no understanding of whatsoever.
    • Nosmo King
      I don't understand the current practice of mangling the English language, do you? I don't get it why they don't just do what they were taught to do when they were in junior school. It's not exactly rocket science, is it?

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