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  • Uhmmm, this is a little awkward, but I feel bad that no one has bothered to respond to what I assume was an honestly asked question. So, to start, the basic answer is that it will come naturally as you get older - not every boy matures at the same rate. Second, go into a room where you can be assured of privacy. (Fear of being caught can often impact your ability to get aroused sexually, with the result that you may not be able to get an erection.) Third, get naked, (Strictly speaking this is not necessary, especially at your age, but it enhances your mood.) Fourth, think about what "Turns you on." The mind is the most powerful sexual organ. Then begin to - slowly at first - put your hand around your penis and stroke it base to tip. As your penis hardens, go a little faster and a little faster until you orgasm. (If you are uncut, you may orgasm a bit faster than if you are cut. Data seems to suggest that an uncut penis is slightly more sensitive to stimulation.) At any rate, that is the most scientific explanation I can offer. Don't use your pillow or any other "extra" until you have the basics, so to speak. Keep it simple, give it time, and if my teen years are any indication, you'll get it soon enough.

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