• Copper is the best conductor of electricity?
    • Azlotto
      It's not a serious question :)
  • (LOL) No, trucks or trains would be the best conductors of copper. Now if we turn your question around ... the answer is still No. The best conductor of electricity is silver, not copper. But copper does the next best job for less money.
    • Azlotto
      The member "The Original Mixed-Up kid" cracks me up.
    • Ice man
      Me too, that's why I answer a lot of his questions. I knew what you were up to as soon as I saw your question and I'm actually disappointed that he didn't answer. : )
  • Actually gold is the best conductor of electricity then silver and copper.
    • Ice man
      Do your homework. Gold is not a great conductor, but it doesn't tarnish so it's frequently used as a cover over silver or copper circuitry.

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