• 12-21-2016 He said His name was YHVH. It seems odd that people who think they are smarter than God can't figure out how to pronounce that. But the pronunciation is recorded. At the time when Moses was on the mountain, an Emperor in China changed his name to Yahoo because he heard that word spoken from the sky. Since Hebrew writing does not use vowels, it is possible that YHVH might be pronounced "Yahoovah". The confusion does not exist for any other Hebrew expression. In any case, God Himself discounts the importance of His name, magnifying His word above it. Psalm 138:2 When the Israelites came into the promised land, God commanded them to have no king and no law in the land between cities. The Israelites were peaceful and prosperous for about a hundred and fifty years, and then they demanded a king. After that, they were conquered and sent into slavery. There have been several societies with no central government: the Germanicus who whipped a third of the entire Roman army in one battle, the Dutch Empire, the American colonies. They all lasted a couple of centuries and then demanded a central government.

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