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  • No but I think it is unwise for you to focus on them as much as you seem to be doing. Sounds like you are lonely and must not have any other women you feel close enough to to have those feelings for which is sad. So you only think in terms of your sister. She may not be interested at all in a sexual relationship or in one with you because that would be extremely unconventional and improper socially to many people. How does her thinking tend to run? Could you suggest such a thing to her without any fallout that would threaten the relationship you have? Those are all things to think about. Most of us like physical affection so you could begin by offering that in the form of touching, back and neck rubs, massaging her feet and other places to establish a pleasurable physical relationship. Which could eventually lead to sexual touching. But most of us want an emotional connection as well that makes sex possible and desirable for us. If you already have that with her then you could begin to express it physically.
    • courious50s
      i should refrase my coment i dont just whant to have sex with her i whant to make love to her and yes i have a women in my life i am married but i never felt for my wife what i feel for my sister i have just fallen in love with her not brother sister love but man to women love i know its not healthy to feel that way but i do i love her with all my heart cant help loving a women like that even if she is my sister
  • Are you Scottish ?
  • I don't think it's weird, I was in a similar situation. I am 51 and have a half sister that is almost 20 years older than me. Within the last couple years she would always work incest into a conversation with me, I am naturally horny most of the time anyway but even I couldn't bring myself to talk about that stuff with her. Not saying I didn't think about how it would be, at first it was just too awkward and strange but after a while I just kind of gave into the thought and it was actually a big turn on, and pretty much still is. We joke and talk about sexual stuff but neither of us physically haven't done anything, but I kind of hoped she would do something to start it, because if I did I don't want to come across as a pervert or something if she rejected it.

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