• What does your attorney say? They should tell you what to expect and how much these cases usually settle for.
    • DistortedLove
      They really haven't explained anything & I'm just curious to know if it's normal for an insurance company to throw out a low offer the first time around
    • Jewels Vern
      Yes, an insurance company will haggle for the lowest amount they can get. If you already have a lawyer, he should be doing the negotiating. No, you should not settle for cheap.
  • Since you already have an attorney, ask the attorney. I would not have retained an attorney until AFTER I thought an offer made that was too low. I assume there are several people looking for a payout and the kid may not have enough insurance to go around. At 17, you can, of course, attack the kids parents but unless they are pretty well off they will not have sufficient funds for multiple major lawsuits either.
  • get a Lawyer. You will always get more $$$.

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