• Mix a dab of apple cider vinegar with tea tree oil, dissolve a baby aspirin in it. apply and leave on over night. Do this until it is gone.
  • well you can get rid of blemishes by washing your face once a day (at night if you wear makeup) with a perfume-free face-wash or soap. This cleanses away daily impurities without drying out your skin and leaving your pores open and vulnerable to more blemishes.Use a toner or astringent right after you wash to tighten your (clean) pores and wash away any dirt, grease, or dead skin that might be left. A good toner will feel rejuvenating (tingly) as you use it and leave your sking feeling smooth, not dry.After you wash and tone, moisturize your skin with a oil and scent-free moisturizer. Skin that is too oily or too dry will have more blemishes (pimples and peeling), so using a gentle moisturizer to balance out your skin can help get rid of blemishes.Use a gentle exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin, dirt, and other impurities that can clog pores and cause blemishes. Don't scrub too hard or too often, though -- that can leave skin damaged and dry and lead to more blemishes. Scrub once a week to every other day, depending on how severe and frequent your blemishes are, and you should see a gradual decrease in blemishes.

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