• I always thought women's legs were longer and more shapelier 😊
    • Taylor Rezzi
    • Nosmo King
      That's an optical illusion caused by women wearing high heels. Their legs look different when they wear flat shoes.
    • Linda Joy
      Its an optical illusion caused by men's longer and larger trunks. It makes their legs look shorter. And women are shorter with shorter trunks, but their center of gravity is higher in the back because of their boobs. Women's legs are proportionately longer than their trunks, mens trunks are larger and longer than their legs. And high heels also cause an optical illusion of women's legs being longer and thinner than they are. They also cause nerve damage to the balls of the feet and cause falls. Men would never do something so ridiculous to impress a woman!
  • Because women with bigger legs are sexy and therefore attractive to men.
  • 12-19-2016 Nope, it's not an illusion. Women have a layer of fat under the skin. That is what gives them curves. Women who manage to work off that fat start having menstrual difficulties. Fat is an insulator, you know, and that is why women can wear such skimpy clothing for ice skating. Men have to bundle up or die.
    • Patrick Sorensen
      It is an illusion created by high heels, but that isn't the question. Everyone has a layer of fat under the skin, women just have a bit more, about 5-10% on avg, which isn't that much. It is an insulator, but it's main purpose is pregnancy. Also, most women don't wear skimpy clothing for ice skating, most of them hate the cold and they're most certainly not impervious to it. They would "die" just as quickly, if not sooner.
    • Patrick Sorensen
      I've seen more men dressing less for cold weather than women, btw. And they had no serious issues. Women? Can't say the same.
  • They spend so much more time sitting down and eating than men.
  • cause god nnade us that way
  • They do not! Where did you hear such stuff? One of my boyfriends was a bodybuilder-powerlifter-weightlifter. whose thighs are several inches bigger than my bust.
    • arcticpup22
      Hey baby
    • Linda Joy
      Are you into the itty bitty titty club, pup?
  • Yeah and why do they have bigger butts?
  • mmmm...cellulite :P
  • Your statement lacks credibility. Your personal observations are not even backed up by measurements. And your discriptors are not even quantifiable, they are subjective to personal preference. You may as well have written "I like women's legs better than men's." Because that's basically all you have proven here.
  • If you mean thighs I agree they are generally bigger. I find this adds to the sexy curve in the middle. May have to do with the hip design to bear children.
  • cause god rnade us that way

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