• I didn't even know the earth was that old, Ice man.
    • Ice man
      Thank you & I'm not really an "expert", but I'm of the belief that the earth is much older than that. : )
    • Ice man
  • I don't think it is. I think it's only 6000 years old -- at least that's what I was talk in my southern elementary school. 😤
    • Ice man
      I welcome all comments Bill, and nobody appreciates a funny opinion more than I. But these guys are serious and have done extensive testing on the elements found in the water and have now concluded that it's at least 2 billion years old. I found a more recent scientific article, read it for yourself.
  • Do not trust scientists. The government poison our water supply.
    • Big beery belly
      We have follower of David Icke among us
  • 12-18-2016 That's awfully dum. D-U-M. Dum. That is spherically dum. I mean it's dum any way you look at it. Water is H2O -- two hydrogens and an oxygen. Nothing else. There is nothing in water that is affected by age. It is possible that the water contains crushed rock which does have a measurable age. But you can't find two scientists who agree on a reliable way to measure it.
    • Ice man
      From your rocking chair you may dismiss it if you like. But as I said in an earlier comment - I'm not an expert, so I provided the link in question. It turns out that more than a few scientists have now agreed that the sample from a Northern mine, at a depth of around 3 kilometers is actually 2 billion years old.
    • Ice man
      How's that for D-U-M .
    • Jewels Vern
      Scientists say really D-U-M things all the time. I found the article and they analyzed the gases. You can't measure the age of gases either, but from the exact mixture of gases they guessed at an age. There is no reason to assume that the water was as old as the gases, even if their guess was correct.
    • OrangeDonRump
      For fux sake, the world is thankful that nobody listens to your mindless crap, JV. I'm always impressed when a McDonald's employee knows more about science than a lifelong scientist. (not)
  • I wonder if the taste of water improves with age like wine..I bet a 2 billion year old bottle of Dom Perignon champagne for sale would fetch a market premium ;)
    • Ice man
      Actually I'd bet it would taste like piss, as to who's piss ... I dunno - cuz there weren't any grape growers back then. : )
  • The elements of water formed at the Big Bang and water could have therefore formed from that time onwards. This is 18.2 Billon years.
    • Ice man
      Yes that is correct. Unfortunately there are those, who think that the world is only 5 or 6 thousand years old.
  • billions of yrs old
    • Ice man
      Yes !
  • Any individual water molecules may have existed since the dawn of Earth and have been used and recycled countless times. You could be drinking the same molecules of water as Napoleon, Nero, Nicodemus or Novak Djokovic, just to name a few.
    • Ice man
      LOL I don't follow tennis, so Novak Djokovic had me doing a bit of research. An extra point for keeping me on my toes ! : ).
  • Well, my daughter thinks that the bottle of water she opens, goes bad after 24 hours.
    • we are dough 68
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Nah. Just using foul language.
    • we are dough 68
    • Hardcore Conservative
      I know, right?
  • I payed a lab to analyze the gases emanating from my butt. I had a theory: the worse they smell, the older the gas must be. This hypothesis was based on nothing but I had to start somewhere. So I made egg salad sandwiches, and we got to work. All was going well, when my assistant fell over and died suddenly. I guess it was just his time. Would anyone like to earn cash as a temporary lab assistant? .................. I have this project to finish, then I intend to prove the existence of the "brown noise" as explained on South Park. Of course, no one could actually play a note two cents lower than the lowest e flat on a recorder, as the boys did, causing everyone on the planet to crap their pants.. (NOTE: I always carry an extra pair of pants) (pants are very important). For my experiment, I intend to create the brown sound on a sousaphone, an instrument more suitable to the task. My assistant will receive several, if not no, units of an unspendable foreign currency, plus a change of pants. Oh, though I am having trouble locating a sousaphone to use. The nearby music store has pitch correctors and fake music making equipment for modern music. They even have something that used to be called "a guitar", hidden down in the old fallout shelter...but they don't carry sousaphones in stock they tell me. No worries, if all else fails, a friend has said he can make a brown noise with his butt...
    • Captain Pants
  • All water on earth is as old as the earth.
  • As far as I know, water can be (in years) as old as the Universe. Current scientific estimates give the age of the Universe as about 13.5 billion years, but I expect that will increase considerably (by billions of years) as new data is discovered.

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